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Newcomers Starter Bonus (Server X500)

Create any character and get awesome starter boost for 2 days!

Bless of Light, Panda Pet, Panda Ring, Seal of Wealth, Seal of Ascension, Scroll of Battle,

Scroll of Strength, Scroll of Quickness, Scroll of Defense, Scroll of Wrath, Scroll of Wizardry, Scroll of Health!


Also don't forget to do bonus event of Free 350 Credits!

Unique Quest System: Quest System (Exclusive)!

Everyone - be informed about game play features, check Game Guides!

  02 / 03 / 2020

We have launched Limited X500 Successfully - Welcome All!

Upcoming Events:

(16.02 18:00) Enable Credits to Coins exchange

(17.02 00:00 - 21.02 23:59) Guild registration for Castle Siege

Newcomers - don't forget to do bonus event of Free 350 Credits!

Everyone - be informed about game play features, check Game Guides!

  15 / 02 / 2020

Server Medium X500 - Opening 15 February

* Opening Time: 18:00 (Server Time)! Check count-back timer on top of website!


📢 Opening Bonus Event: FREE 350 Credits! Click Here and get them now 


Basic server info:

Version: Season 14

Experience Regular / Master: 500x / 500x

Max Level Regular / Master: 400 / 650

Web Market: Buy, Sell, Trade Items

In Game: Antihack, Offstore, Offlevel

Low Performance Mode: Button F9

Max Connections per 1 Computer: 3

Non PvP Maps: Aida 1 - 2, Karutan 1 - 2

Exp Increased in all levels of BC, DS: +10%

Chance for Ancient item drop in BC (3-7)

Chance for Condor Flame drop in DS (3-7)

Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations

Monsters and Boss Power Adjusted

PvP / PvM all classes Balanced

Elf Soldier Max Level / Resets: 400 / 10

Unique Reset System: Resets and Experience Table

Unique Quest System: Quest System (Exclusive)


Extra server info:

Information about xShop (CashShop)

Information about available Commands List

Information about New Custom Jewels

Information about New Excellent Options

Information about Goblin Points (How to get)

Information about Schedule of Events, Invasions, Bosses

Information about Rewards and Drop List

Information about Chaos Machine Rates

  14 / 02 / 2020

Christmas Credits Sale!

Buy Credits using PayPal payment method and get 30% more than before!

10 EUR = 2500, now 3250 credits

20 EUR = 5250, now 6825 credits

40 EUR = 11000, now 14300 credits

80 EUR = 23000, now 29900 credits

120 EUR = 36000, now 46800 credits

This is limited time offer only few days. Don't miss this chance to strengthen you favourtie character!

And remember, we are always listening player needs, so feel free to suggest or report!

  18 / 12 / 2019

Discord Channel

We have created a Discord channel for our server players.

Everyone is welcome to join: https://discord.gg/3uBJ5vz

  27 / 07 / 2019
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